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Understanding your challenges

The first thing 19 Oaks will help you do is take a deep breath. We find that many organizations are so busy tending to the day-to-day challenges ahead of them that they may have lost sight of their long term objectives. We can help by focusing on three major themes:


What’s working, what isn’t and how these things detract from where you want to be.

Some of the questions we ask center around your mission and your company ethos. What do you stand for? What are your short-term and long-term plans? The answers to these questions help us begin to craft a communications strategy to help you move forward.


Your Customers

Let’s have a deep dive discussion.

Who are your current customers? What do they want? What do they care about? How do they spend their time? What problems do they have? Are your current customers likely to be customers for the long haul? How and where do you find new customers? What is your retention rate among all customer segments?

The answers to these questions help us develop customer personas — taking those customer segments out of spreadsheet cells and humanizing them, so everyone in your company can visualize exactly what customers we are reaching out to with promotional efforts.


Competitive Landscape

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

We’ll look at competitors in your industry in your sales territory and around the world to uncover who is succeeding and why. We’ll pay special attention to the your market. What do prospective customers in your market want most? What messages will resonate with each of those audiences? When are they likely to buy and how?

Considering the above three areas and gaining consensus on key messages and how we will measure success create the solid foundation your marketing and sales efforts need to be consistently effective, successful and cost efficient.

Discovery Questions Template

What questions should you be asking yourself? Click here to download your own Discovery Questions Template to review on your own or with key members of your team.