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Take a Course

“Tell me and I’ll forget.  Show me and I may remember.  Involve me and I learn.” Chinese philosopher, Xun Kuang
So you want to improve or further develop your Sales or Marketing Department but you want to take a course and to do it yourself. Our self directed or live courses can get you there. And of course, we are there to help if you get stuck along the way.


Sales and Marketing Alignment

Gone are the days of meeting at a trade show, going door to door, getting someone on the phone – forget it! If you want to stay competitive you have transitioned to a digital and remote world. You already have marketing but how do you grow those channels effectively, inexpensively and in such a way that you are getting your sales people the leads they need? Learn more…

LinkedIn in 15 Minutes a Day

You know LinkedIn is essential for modern business networking. You’ve heard it’s the best way to get your dream job, recruit top employees, find new prospects, and stay top of mind with your customers. Coming soon…