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How Corporate Culture Affects Your Bottom Line

Marketing can help make your employees happier

When talking with prospects and bringing them through our sales process, one of the things I always wish I could tell them is that the work we do at 19 Oaks has a huge impact on their corporate culture.

Why don’t I mention that? Because employers often don’t want to invest in having happier employees.  They don’t see the ROI in employee happiness, or that it translates to buyer retention and increased revenue.  Instead, they want to focus on things like inbound and outbound marketing or lead generation.

But after we take our clients through sales and marketing steps like creating an internal tagline—something everyone internally rallies around for servicing and retaining clients—we see time and time again that their employees have more direction, take more initiative and work better together. And the company sees an increase in its bottom line.

For example, when working with a Maine-based builder, we saw an opportunity to help develop a culture of differentiation and pride around the fact that the company was responsive to their clients. That’s how the tagline “We’re on it!” was born. Now, the whole company rallies behind this sentiment. And everyone, from the office manager to the company president, has embraced responsiveness and helpfulness as part of their everyday way of doing business. That kind of impact is worth its weight in gold.

Here are some of the first things we uncover from new clients:

  1. What is their unique selling proposition? What makes them different from their competition?
  2. Why do they provide the product and/or service they do?
  3. Why do people want to work there? What’s their reason for choosing this line of work?
  4. Why did their customers choose them? How are they differentiating themselves over their competition?

And here’s why we do it:

  1. If we have a clear, quick way of saying this internally (an internal tagline), we can pull all the employees together
  2. If there are multiple locations, it brings the disconnected teams together around one rallying call
  3. If everyone is speaking the same tune, it comes out in everything they touch:  How they answer the phone, go the extra mile in customer service, improve product/service creation, and close new business
  4. It transcends departments—marketing vs. sales no more, they both see how they contribute to the rallying cry

Corporate culture affects your bottom line, so it’s something you can’t afford to ignore.

That’s why our process helps you build your sales and marketing strategy from the inside out. At 19 Oaks, we want your internal messaging to be as robust as your outbound content. This will result in a cohesive and compelling brand experience for everyone—your customers, your affiliates, your employees and you.

Discover how to inspire sales leadership in your company.