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It’s all about the lists


You’ve heard the popular song by Meghan Trainor, “All About That Bass.” After reading this premium content, we’ll have you singing, “It’s all about the lists!”

Contact lists are an absolutely critical component in your business strategy. Unfortunately, many businesses and individuals overlook their lists, or worse, forget about them completely. If your company is not managing your contacts effectively, you may not be getting the level of engagement or results that you once were. After all, you can’t expect to magically provide your contacts with the specific information that they need at precisely the right time if you’re working with an old and outdated list.

Similar to what Mrs. Trainor once told Meghan, don’t worry about the size of your list. You only need to be concerned with the the quality of your contacts. If you are holding on to outdated or otherwise incorrect contacts in your lists, you may not just be wasting data storage, this may also be costing you money!

The good thing is that you can have as many lists as you want! There are dozens of ways you can slash and remix your contact lists to find a tune that appeals to those particular listeners. Some audiences like pop, some like blue grass. The trick is knowing how to communicate with each one.

To learn more about how to set lists up properly, or how to scrub your existing lists, check out our free slideshow on list management below.