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The Customers Buying Journey has changed – how has your sales and marketing teams adjusted to meet them where they are? In our course we will teach your teams how to adapt and generate leads by exploring new marketing channels, discover new ways of communicating with customers and prospects to increase engagement and help your team create a new and better buyers journey for your customers in 2021.

Meet The Teachers 

Shay Bellas

Shay began her entrepreneurial career when she bought the first women’s professional football team in the state of Maine, The Maine Freeze. Selling and Marketing women’s professional football taught her a lot about relationships and the need for goals, structure, process, and continuous improvement. In 2009 she founded 19 Oaks, a traditional Sales, and Marketing Agency with a team of between 5-9 employees until in 2018 she realized that the most efficient and effective marketing and sales teams really needed to be in-house, working together. Having spent months on cross-country road trips and traveling abroad with her family Shay understands the importance of culture and its impact on how people can work well together. With over a decade of collaborative communication and team-building experience combined with a highly effective and structured sales and marketing system Shay works with clients around the country building highly effective internal Sales and Marketing Departments. Also, finding it important to have a balanced life Shay and her husband of 26 years enjoys traveling the world with her two daughters and spend most days doing outdoor activities, enjoys theater, museums, fine dining, and of course, football.

Breakthrough Sales Solutions LLC

Tom Morgan is the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Sales Solutions LLC an Outsourced/Fractional VP of Sales consultancy business. Tom brings over 25 years of successful sales management experience and sales performance leadership to serve small and mid-sized businesses throughout Maine. Tom helps businesses create sales strategies, sales processes, and sales team direction to achieve their business growth goals. Tom has senior-level sales management experience with companies ranging from $8M to $450M in revenue; utilizing this vast and diverse experience to create customizable and scalable sales solutions that meet the specific needs of each client. Tom’s career has led him to work with many well-known consumer brands such as Reebok, PUMA, Keds, and Life is Good. In his career, Tom has held sales representative, regional management, general management, and global sales leadership roles. He is using this broad experience to help businesses of all sizes breakthrough on their sales goals. Tom and his wife of 33 years, Kim, reside in Ocean Park, Maine, and have two grown children. As an avid runner, biker, and hiker, Tom takes advantage of the many outdoor opportunities Maine has to offer.


Who should take the course?

Any CEO or leader who would like a clearer understanding of what to expect from their Marketing and/or Sales Director or the Marketing or Sales Directors themselves that sees the value of aligning their sales and marketing efforts.           

Don’t take our word for it please read testimonials below….

Course overview

We start before the class begins with a Discovery assignment to learn more about your company’s goals, customers, and marketing efforts. This assignment will be due before the first class. Each week we teach you or your Sales/Marketing Directors how to modify your existing infrastructure, processes, tools, and communication flow to align Sales and Marketing. Each class is followed by a homework assignment that puts what was learned into action back at the office. Building off the assignments we go to the next step until at the end of the 8 weeks you have a fully aligned sales and marketing flow that ensures everyone understands the goals, their role in achieving those goals, accountability to one another, and transparent metrics to guide everyone to successfully achieving the company goals.


Week 1.
Sales and Marketing Structure

We will review all of the company’s structures to set up for future alignment. We will discuss the company CRM, Individual Sales Rep Plans, Customer Personas/Segments, Editorial Calendars, Marketing Channels, Creative Briefs, and Measurement.

Sales: Meeting your customers where they are at is taking on a whole new meeting in 2021. How you used to connect with and engage your customers is entirely different. How well you know your buyers, how they are being impacted from a business and personal perspective and how you show empathy toward them is critical to your 2021 Sales and Marketing Strategy. Week 1 focuses on the Customer Journey and how we  can create execution plans to meet them where they are at.

Marketing: 2021 planning is so much later this year than previous years. With so much uncertainty about the virus, the economy, people staying home and living very different lives it’s hard to run projections- what do you base them on? We will talk about how looking at 2018 and the successes from 2020 will give us a starting point to build off and how marketing will need to play a more precise role than ever before as well as planning in the agility you will need to pivot should 2021 bring the surprises we saw in 2020.


Week 2.
Sales and Marketing Strategy

Now that our structures are in place we will review company goals. Individual sales reps’ personal plans inform creative briefs that flesh out the Editorial Calendar for the year.

 Sales: The decade that was the year 2020 is coming to a close, and now sights are shifting to 2021 and what it may hold for us. Is your Sales team looking at the upcoming year strategically? Are they evaluating the channels of opportunity and creating plans to maximize their efforts? Are they sitting with the Marketing team to align on these plans and create activities to execute? 

Marketing:  What should marketing for 2021 look like? We will first look at 2018 numbers and then at your 2020 successes and mimic as closely as possible what your most successful sales reps did and said. Where did they find customers? What hot buttons did they focus on? What problems did they solve for your customers? Which content did they serve and in what order? What were the most successful CTAs? 

We will be answering all these are the questions in this week.

Week 3.
Sales Job Descriptions and Compensation and Marketing Roles and Responsibilities

Sales Job Descriptions are the roadmap to the actions and behaviors your sales team will prioritize. In this course, we will create impactful job descriptions that focus on the behaviors you need from the sales team to be successful and use this to guide your incentive plan to focus on your priorities. Marketing roles and responsibilities cover everything from who is pulling the list of customers to emails to where a CTA links on the website.

Sales: Has 2020 left you with a “spackle” organization? Has everyone on the sales and marketing teams been plugging holes and addressing the leaks and cracks that this crazy year has brought us? Just like “spackle” isn’t the long term fix to your walls, spackling an organization can’t last either. It is great that everyone has stepped up, now how to we create clear job descriptions, roles, and accountabilities for the teams so they are focused and ready for the future. This week focuses on building sales and marketing job descriptions and clear roles and accountabilities for the teams along with deliverables to achieve the company goals

Marketing: Disappointed by your company’s 2020 numbers? There were many reasons that were outside your control and yet – it still hurts.  How can 2021 be different? Time to lift our chins up and learn from our defeats. Let’s put together a playbook for 2021 that helps avoid these defeats. Take advantage of lessons learned while perfecting the strategies that worked!


Week 4.
Sales and Marketing Culture

Creating a motivating environment and holding people accountable is essential but understanding that marketing is an aggregate of your best salespeople so that if the strategy is right the numbers will guide both teams with room for calling for audibles and making adjustments but all of this requires collaboration.

Sales: How many CEO’s have complained that the Sales Team isn’t doing what we need them to do to achieve our goals? Quite a few in my experience. The question I usually ask first is, what does their job description say? And then, does the Sales Incentive plan target and incent the behavior and activity you are looking for? We will focus on Sales Job Descriptions and Incentive Plans and how they align with Marketing roles and responsibilities. What a great way to finalize 2021 planning and gain team alignment for a strong 2021!

Marketing: Do your sales team know what your most effective marketing campaigns are? Are they clear on the 2021 goals? Do they understand how marketing thinks their campaigns will help them get the leads they need to achieve those goals? Is your marketing team producing good qualified leads? Are they lead nurturing the customer journey? If you answered no to any of these questions then your Sales and or Marketing Director needs our course. We can help turn those no’s into a solid YES!


Week 5.
Sales and Marketing Meetings

Unleashing the Power of Your Team Meetings. Sales meetings, either weekly or monthly are critical communication vehicles to ensure your sales team is on track. They are not “to-do” reviews, this course will help create a powerful sales meeting agenda that focuses the team on key company priorities. Marketing requires a daily huddle and the sales team must include at least one marketing staff member. What should Marketing be bringing to the meeting and what should they be getting out of it?

Sales: Did your last team meeting feel like a reading of to-do lists? Or did it evolve into story time? Recurring team meetings can get redundant and the team can lose focus if there isn’t a clear strategy and purpose for the meetings. This week, we focus on unleashing the power of your team meetings. With the right agenda and purpose, these meetings become powerful tools to energize and revitalize the team.

Marketing: Does someone from the marketing team attend your sales meeting? Does s/he share the campaign results? Do your sales members help write the Creative Brief that informs the marketing campaign? This type of collaboration allows your team more agility, insights into your markets and better customer experience with your content. If you answered no to any of these questions, no worries. We cover that and more in this weeks course.


Week 6.
Sales and Marketing Team Development

Individualized development and management of performance are absolutely necessary to be successful. For Marketing to understand the personalized plans of the sales reps will allow for focused professional development which should include basic sales training from thought leaders in Sales via podcasts, e-newsletters, webinars, and groups.

Sales:  We all know the old saying, “there is no I in Team”, it is certainly a useful phrase in building successful organizations that work and collaborate together. However, we can’t forget to focus on the “I” and creating individualized training and development programs for each member of the Sales and Marketing team so they can contribute their best to the overall team goal. This week the subject will be building individualized training programs and unique ways to manage performance for each member of the team. While we have broad team goals, we want to help your Sales and Marketing leaders  create individualized and focused ways to maximize the performance of each member of your team. 

Marketing: When was the last time someone on your marketing team listened to a sales call? How do you know that your Marketing team understands your customers? Do they survey them, talk to them, look at their profiles on social media, have clear personas, do they know why they buy from you, how they buy, what they buy, when they buy – do they stay current with this information on a daily, weekly basis? If your marketing team isn’t curious and vigilant about these things then your content could not be as engaging. They should always be learning and always be adjusting. If you are running the same ad as last year you aren’t talking to your customer anymore. This week we discuss professional development for your marketing team that aligns with the company and sales teams goals.


Week 7.
Sales Recruitment and Marketing Training for Sales Reps

We will explore Hiring and Onboarding Talent as well as establish how to onboard new sales people to marketing.

Sales: Here is your territory, your laptop, your sales collateral, and your sign in information to our ERP System, now go get them! I certainly hope this is not your Sales Onboarding Plan but it might sound a little too familiar? This week we reveal the opportunity to create powerful onboarding programs for your new Sales and Marketing hires will be the focus. By creating a detailed and comprehensive onboarding plan, your new team members will get why you do what you do and become empowered to get the job done successfully the way you want it done!

Marketing: Setting your sales reps up for success should include collaboration with the Marketing department – things to consider are: a marketing orientation for your sales reps that includes an understanding of when ads run, where, for how long and what the CTA is.  They should understand how marketing creates leads for them and what role in the process they play. Including them from day one ensures their success.


Week 8.
Sales and Marketing Operations

The sales people will gain tools for Pipeline Management and Forecasting while learning how to support marketing in Buyer Journey automation to manage content flow.

Sales: How many of you tune in to the nightly news to hear yesterday’s weather? While weathercasters can be entertaining, we already know what happened yesterday. We want to know what tomorrow looks like and the forecast for the near future. Sales Forecasting is similar, we have dashboards to tell us what happened, we need our Sales and Marketing teams providing feedback and information that guides our decisions for the future. We need them to know their pipeline of opportunities and have accurate reads on the probability they will win. This week we will focus on the mechanics of managing the pipeline and what Sales and Marketing can do together to increase probabilities for success.

Marketing: I have watched clients spend millions of dollars in advertising and never look at the ROI of those dollars spent. If you don’t test and measure every word, image, movie then you don’t know what is and what isn’t working. Without that knowledge you can’t get more by spending less and maybe shouldn’t be spending at all. Together we will create processes to ensure that the marketing department is a black number.


Course Details
We will meet remotely for 8 consecutive weeks, starting 8/20/21 from 10:00am EST – 12:00pm EST. At the end of the course, participants will receive a Sales Leadership Certificate and a Sales and Marketing Alignment Certificate available for those who pass a test at the end of the course. Fee $8,000 per person. Only two seats available, register TODAY to ensure your spot!  

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For more information please contact us at Shay@19oaks.com or TMorgan@salesxceleration.com

This is going to be an awesome course!

Steve Musica

President, Lean East

What a neat opportunity Shay… you understand both sales and marketing, but also the people dynamics that are necessary for both to work. Great idea, this’ll be a goodie.

Peter Handy

CEO, Bristol Seafood

This is a great topic in such an challenging time, what we knew is not as valid in the new normal. In working with Shay over the years, she is always checking the pulse of the current climate to see where things are going. This should be a really good course to attend!

N. Ramone Jones

Account Executive, WEX

As a Director of Sales who has worked with Shay before, I know this course is going to be something you won’t want to miss! The landscape out there HAS changed and the need to stay connected/competitive is bigger than ever before. It’s going to be awesome!

Jonathan Pineo

Director of Sales, Kentek

Shay and Tom make an awesome team, this will be excellent training. Thank you for putting it on, 19 Oaks!

Phil Coupe

Managing Partner, ReVision Energy

Shay and Tom, both excellent to work with and highly experienced in building out sales and marketing support. I’m sure this will be an excellent course!

Jeff Chartier

Owner, Next Level Profit

Shay and her process at 19 Oaks will deliver the insights needed for a totally integrated sales and marketing approach. Give this one a try and see 2021 results shatter the past!

Joe Stecchi

Territory Manager, Heartland Payment Systems

I have worked with Shay for many years, and can say she is one of the smartest women I know. 

Shay has worked with many sales and marketing teams in various industries to reach their full potential. Anyone can talk “tips and tricks”, but Shay understands the dynamics of a team and how to bridge the gaps in an organization for long term success. 

This class will be a crucial piece for any business looking to hit the ground running in 2021.

Kristina Prescott

Business Development, Thrive