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Strategic Sales and Marketing

“There are no shortcuts to building a team each season. You build the foundation brick by brick.” Bill Belichick
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Building your Strategic Makreting and Sales Playbook

With the objectives and goals of the company clearly defined, Sales and Marketing need their playbook for the year. It’s important to have a tool to capture what marketing is doing (which channels, creative, CTA’s), who is responsible for it, and when you can expect to see results. 19 Oaks works with your team to ensure you have the project management and file storage systems and processes that will aggregate and archive everything, so it’s available for training, onboarding, and delegating purposes. When best practices are captured this way, you never need to reinvent the wheel — and you’re better able to identify opportunities for improvement.

Setting your team up for success

Continuous improvement for your content – Here comes the fun part! It’s also the messy and challenging part. This is where you bring your strategy and plan to life. Following your Strategic Marketing Playbook, your blog posts, social media campaigns, landing pages, videos, podcasts, and white papers are all created, implemented, and promoted to your customers and prospects. Your team will be writing, rewriting, designing, tweaking, trying something different, trying again. Your Marketing team will work with your Sales team to craft and measure the right email messages, the most effective web copy, and the most persuasive ads. We believe that Marketing should emulate your best sales people and their processes. If you automate that then your Marketing department becomes an extension of your sales team and should always be a black number for your company.

When Marketing and measuring the content then we help your team ask “Are they speaking to your customer personas?”, “Do they represent your brand persona?”, “Are they using the right calls to action?” and “Are we serving the content in the correct flow – duplicating the sales process.” The more you do it and measure it, the better your team will get at it, and soon the work will flow quickly. 

Strategic Marketing and Sales Playbook w/ Editorial Calendar

Every business needs a “playbook” for marketing and sales

Our free template will keep you on track as you plan and execute your Sales and Marketing activities.

This customizable and easy-to-use Google Spreadsheet helps you build your marketing strategy, implement it, and measure your success. 


Use it to:

  • Establish your yearly themes and goals.
  • Aggregate your competitor and affiliate information.
  • Plan and execute blog posts, emails, landing pages and more.
  • Measure your return on investment.

When you just don’t have the right internal people.

While we primarily work with your internal team and any outside agencies to increase utilization, create quicker response times and capitalize on industry knowledge you just may not have the staff available to dedicate to marketing. When this is the case we can provide you with a dedicated 19 Oaks staff member to do the work in the interim. We will set up your marketing channels, begin doing the work and prepare the position for a new hire or to train someone internally to maintain the work. Meet Alexis…