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My name is Alexis Bellas, I am a Marketing Manager here at 19 Oaks. I am here to assist when a client does not have their own marketing staff. I help set up or clean your existing marketing systems like social media, email, blog posts, YouTube channels, and more. I will also create and implement your Editorial Calendar and build out the metrics for measuring efforts. I report to your company CEO or appointed manager. 

Below are some of the skills I have mixed in with some real-life campaigns I have completed for one of our favorite clients Backyard ADUs.


Help Customers Create Goals and Set Priorities

A question that defines our goal setting prosses is “What goals do you want your marketing department to meet – more followers, more engagement, buyer journey development, lead generation?” Armed with the answers to these questions I prioritize and implement the tasks needed to meet those goals.

Create and manage a content calendar

Using existing content and resources, I put together a posting schedule that will best serve us in meeting your company goals.

Create/unify social media accounts

For social media platforms where your customers hang out, I can develop new or clean existing profiles. Content that creates a unified message and brand across all platforms will keep you top of mind showing you as the expert for engaging your customers and prospects.

Post and monitor content

It is important to be consistent with your posting to stay top of mind. After you post you can’t just walk away, there will be likes, comments, followers, and direct messages to respond to.

Draft marketing emails

I am not a professional writer, and I do not know as much about your product as you do. But CEOs and salespeople don’t like looking at a blank page so I draft marketing emails to help get you started making sure that the email speaks to the right audience, about something that’s relevant and adds value to them, and has a clear call to action. When marketing emulates your best salespeople marketing can create inbound engagement and support your sales team.

Manage online events

Managing online events includes ticketing, promotion, and developing a master event template that you can use going forward to help make all your events a smash.

Moderate events

I help plan and host events. If you do not have someone to run the technical and logistical side of events then I am your gal.

Hosting meetings

I meet with you on a biweekly basis to make sure everything is on track and all new developments are in the content calendar or a marketing email. Also, there is a monthly meeting in which we go over goals and strategy with Shay to make sure you have the continued expertise and influence of a Marketing Director. 

Minor CMS/webpage editing

If you need to build a new content management system (CMS) or website I can work with a partner of your choice. If all you need are minor revisions then I am able to do updates and editing.

Alexis has been a wonderful extra set of hands and it is wonderful to have Shay in the background providing expert guidance, which I don’t have time or the expertise to really do well. Alexis is a native go-getter that is not afraid to take initiative, figure things out on her own, AND most importantly, remind you when you are being the bottleneck.

Christopher Lee

President, Backyard ADUs