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Contact Management

If you are holding on to outdated or incorrect contacts in your lists, you may not just be wasting data storage – THIS MAY BE COSTING YOU MONEY!

But I want to keep ALL my contacts

The good news is that you can keep all your contacts and you can have as many lists as you want! The trick is to understand how to segment them and keep your lists clean! There are dozens of ways you can slash and remix your contact lists to find a tune that appeals to those particular listeners. Some audiences like pop, some like bluegrass. The trick is knowing how to communicate with each one.

How Do I Stay Connected With My Customers?

Today there are a staggering (and still growing) number of ways to connect with customers.

With so many channels hungry for content and so many people responsible for keeping your messages in front of your customers, managing your brand experience creates a daunting challenge.


How do you manage your content and avoid muddled communications?


Flip through these slides (or download the PDF) to learn how.