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A Maine based non-profit decided to host a 5k race to raise funds. While many of the members had run in 5k races, none were sure how to organize and promote one. There were significant challenges and questions around whether the event would bring in enough money to justify their time and energy and whether they could make their event stand out in an increasingly crowded field of similar events.


19 Oaks took a strategic approach to organizing the event and creating a template for future success.

First, we created a strategy and a calendar of deliverables for achieving their logistic, marketing and sales goals. Then we established relationships with “affiliate” organizations (those that supported their cause but weren’t also trying to get people signed up for a race at that time). We also wrote copy for social, free posts, websites, print and radio ads for the organization to use and modify throughout the run up to the event.


The goal of the first year was to have 150 participants – we helped drive the registration to over 350. In year two, the organization followed the same template for success and grew the race from 300 to 529. It was clear that our strategic vision helped exceed expectations and laid the groundwork for future success.